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Docker Toolbox download automation

(Israelcolomer) #1


I’m currently working on a maven plugin whose aim is to install docker toolbox on the running platform, in case it’s not already installed.

From what I see, if try to do so through docker’s site, the user is directed to, from where he can actually download the platform dependent installer.

If I were to automate this, I’d need to scrape that page in order to get the link to the needed installer, and then offer the user the chance to proceed with the installation. I was wondering it there is or you’re planning to have, a similar solution to the binaries download (, by which I could use a url of the type[PLATFORM_DEPENDENT]/docker-toolbox-latest from within my plugin.

Thanks in advance!


(Nathan Le Claire) #2

I’d not scrape the URL. Probably easier to call the GitHub API to get the latest release, then download the build artifact directly based on that response.