Docker Toolbox: files aren't copied into a container

Hello. I am not sure whether I can ask my question here, but anyway.

These are my topics on other web-sites and I am posting them here because it might give you some information.

So, I am using a PHP-framework that has a tool called Phalcon Compose and apparently, it is some sort of wrapping over Docker and it has its own config files, but it probably translates them to docker commands or what’s that called.

The problem is that the necessary files aren’t copied inside a web-server container so that the web-server fails to start. There is a video where apparently, a developer shows installation of Phalcon using Phalcon Compose where everything works just fine ( so I don’t think it is a Phalcon Compose’s problem.

Is there any ways to solve or find out what causes the problem? Thanks in advance!

I’m not familiar with phalcon-compose, but it looks like you’re trying to map a shared volume on your Windows machine into the container. Docker Toolbox only shares C:\Users by default, so all of your project files need to to be under Users.

My project was in C:\Users\Dmitriy\Desktop\projects\Wildlife but then it had been moved it to C:\Users\Wildlife and it didn’t work.

If I replace all the “.” in the file with absolute paths, then it starts working but that isn’t very convenient. It looks like I must discuss that with the developers of Phalcon Compose.