Docker Toolbox Terminal vs Command Prompt on Windows 10

I have Docker Toolbox (1.10.2) running on Windows 10, and overall it’s working (yay!). But I encounter strange behavior. Wonder if anyone can explain the issues, help me fix configuration, or fix the install as needed.

The Docker Quickstart Terminal seems to run best. It starts a default VM, which shows up running in the VirtualBox Manager, then drops to a bash shell. This would be enough, except that if any command returns an error code, bash terminates. Try the command “which blah”. The Terminal reports the error (“no blah in …$path…”) and quickly closes.

I can instead drop to a Windows command prompt (cmd). This also “works”; it can create and start VMs. But this “space” seems separate from those created by the Terminal; I can’t reliably connect to the “default” VM started from the Terminal. E.g. “docker-machine ls” shows either Timed Out or Stopped for default, even if it’s running.

I can create a new VM (“docker-manager create --driver virtualbox node1”), but it doesn’t show up in VirtualBox Manager, and the Docker Terminal can’t reliably connect to it. E.g. “docker-machine ls” shows Error for node1.

Why are the VM spaces for Docker Terminal (bash) and Windows CLI (cmd) separate, and how can we merge them?

Why does the bash Terminal terminate on any error, and how can we prevent that?


I am facing the problem of not able to work in Cmd prompt.My query is like as I am using Windows 8 which is not Docker feasible, can I work in Cmd prompt as I could able to install Docker toolbox alone,