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Failed on step "Checking status on default"

(Jkim24) #1

Hello, Docker community.

I have a HP Zbook with Windows 10 Enterprise and have recently ran into a problem with the Docker Quickstart Terminal after uninstalling and reinstalling Git for Windows, Virtual Box, and Docker Toolbox (Also had two instances of Docker for Windows for some reason). It fails on step “Checking status on default”, rendering the Quickstart Terminal unusable. Thing is, the default VM is up and running perfectly fine, and running a ‘docker-machine status default’ on any other terminal returns with “Running”. I am able to open up Kitematic, use the Docker CLI (which defaults to Powershell), run all the docker commands inside of the CLI, and even ssh into the VM.

Even so, I would prefer to be able to use the Quickstart Terminal instead of Powershell and would like to know if anyone may have an idea what happened. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Docker Toolbox, VirtualBox, and Git for Windows multiple times. I’ve also have to delete certain files and folders such as .docker and .virtualBox or else I get the ‘–type headless failed’ error and the VM terminates unexpectedly. I have also encountered two BSODs during the installation both with CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED.

I had used Docker for Windows until discrepancies started appearing with our Docker Images and Containers. I did not uninstall Docker for Windows at the time that I installed Toolbox because the computer would not allow me to and I did not find the app that allowed me to have admin privileges to uninstalling certain programs until recently. I have had Docker Toolbox 1.12.0 running fine prior to this issue despite Docker for Windows still being installed.

Due to this being a company computer and how frequently we use Docker, I am reluctant on requesting for a System Restore since it still technically works. Any help would be appreciated and I’m willing to provide more information if needed.

UPDATE (11/21/16):

I am unsure if this is a side effect to the Quickstart problem, but my Docker also erases all of my images and containers despite the fact that I have several containers up and running. As soon as I stop the container, it erases it immediately. Is this a glitch with Docker or did my Docker get really messed up?