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Docker Toolbox (Windows) in production


(Nite) #1


Is it possible/recommended to use Docker Toolbox in production?
I’d like to run Docker on a Windows Embedded 7 (WES7) machine, ie. only Docker Toolbox (no Docker for windows).

(David Maze) #2

Can you run a native Linux instance, and install Docker there? That seems like it has one fewer part and is a pretty well-supported option.

I feel like Docker Toolbox is pushed as last year’s development solution, but at the end of the day it’s a very basic Docker-on-Linux-VM setup, and if you did need to run Docker on a Linux VM on a Windows host in a production environment I’d guess it’s probably as good as any other solution, up to your ability to maintain the VM. I don’t know if there’s, for instance, a software update procedure better than “get a new boot2docker.iso image”.

(Nite) #3

No - we’ll have linux machines, but also need to support windows embedded machines, as there’s windows software that needs to run on them. It might be a better idea to run my own linux VM on the machine though, with alpine & docker engine or something …

(Ddrew555) #4

I wrote up a solution for running a more Linux-friendly Docker install using the latest Docker for Windows here:
Questions and comments welcome