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Docker Tutorial Issue

folllowing the tutorial I ran the build command to create the docker image everything worked fine.and then I did docker image ls everything worked and then when I ran the docker run -p 4000:80 friendlyhello
I was supposed to get output saying python is serving you app at
but I didn’t get no output what so ever and when I tried to go to the suggested url in the guide it didn’t go anywhere how can I fix this I also added my terminal information I need help I’ve been trying to fix it and I cant find anything that works

Appart of telling us that you followed a tutorial and something is not working, what is the objective of this post?

How about sharing which tutorial, which step - actualy pasting your command lines is even more valuable, as it allows to easily reproduce what you did and where things might gone wrong.

Did you try to acces http://localhost:4000 ?