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Docker Ubuntu server 18.04 very slow

(Mistre83) #1

Hi to all,
i’ve a server Dell poweredge r610 with the following configuration:
16 Core Intel xeon
16 RAM
5 HDD scsi 15k rpm RAID 5

I’ve a fresh installation of Ubuntu server 18.04 where i’ve installed docker and my project.

The project is composed to:

All the container are orchestrated with docker-compose with volume mapping from app to host machine (the container do not has files inside, i’ve made a volume like .:/srv/app)

With this configuration i’m 4x times slower than the same installation directly from the machine - the only difference is that i’ve PHP 7.2 on the machine and not PHP 7.1.16

The server is connected via LAN so i access it with - no external network

I’ve tested the same docker project on my Desktop (where i’ve Ubuntu 18.04 - standard, not server) and here the performance are totally fine .

I’ve tried to change my.cnf, volumes settings and so on but the performance are always very very poor.

I can give you more information if needed Dockerfile etc, also if the Dockerfile is anything particular, also because docker works fine on my Desktop… the problems are on Ubuntu Server and on dell machine. As i said, if i setup php, mysql and so on directly on the host machine, all works perfect.