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Docker is very slow (90-180 sec to load a page)

I made my very first post in order to ask you for help.
I am currently in the process of setting up a docker compose with an apache-php container with symfony / a mysql container / an elasticsearch container.
Everything is functional I manage to access my website etc. nevertheless the big problem is that I take 1 to 3 minutes to access my page correctly.
Could you help me I remain at your disposal to answer your questions.
Thank you in advance for your return.

I have never experienced such a slow connection. Can you tell more about your project structure?

  • On what filesystem is your document root for Apache HTTPD? (Local NTFS, FAT, remote filesystem, a USB drive, etc…)
  • Do you mount your sourcecode or any file from the host?
  • Do you use Hyper-V or WSL 2 backend?
  • Is the Apache HTTP server slow without using Elasticsearch?
  • Is the Apache HTTP server slow when you try to access a static HTML file or an image?

Thank you for your reply.
To answer your questions.
My environment is under WSL2 with local NTFS file storage.
The Apache server is slow even without the Elasticsearch container.
The Apache server is slow in all loading cases.