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Docker Windows 10 Host Windows container network help

Hi! I’m a totally newbie in Docker, so please forgive me if I made some common mistake.

I’m creating a container to run my application (CI/CD testing and all the fun), I’ve hit a roadblock and I ask to you because I cannot find updated documentation (and many issue are opened).

I’ve Windows 10 Professional 1810 with Hyper-V, Docker for Windows (Stable). I need to create a container that is connected to host network (DHCP or static IP not a problem), and that is reachable by hostname at least by the host and by itself (containerized application need to talk with another server inside the same container). Trasparent was the best option, but it seems that it doesn’t work. Other network drivers doesn’t seem to work, and Nat (altrough I publish the ports) seems not work (hostname is important because SSL certificates are used).

At the end, I would like to transport this to a Windows Server. Maybe Windows Server has those network driver working?

Thank you!