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Docker windowsfilter is can remove?

Dear expert,

I am newbie for Docker.

I have setup a Docker Engine at aws cloud EC2 running with Windows Server 2019.

I found it, C:\ProgramData\docker\windowsfilter the file size is keep increase.

is that safe for remove all files under windowsfilter?

how I can remove it ? and during remove will it kill running container?

what is the files inside windowsfilter?



its contains images and so on, you can try and run “docker system prune -a” to remove unused images

C:\ProgramData\docker\windowsfilter at there all is unused images files?

No, its also used image files, im not sure if container data is also stored there.
but if you use the prune command, you should see a difference.

is that command will it kill running container?
or will uninstall docker ?

that command I just need running at windows CMD will do ?

No it wont kill running containers, and no it wont uninstall docker.

You can read about it here:

Remove all unused containers, networks, images (both dangling and unreferenced), and optionally, volumes.

I been run the command “docker system prune -a” , it delete some files from windowsfilter folder, but it still take my space 21GB.

is that normal?

It depends.

If you dont have any containers running, and no volumes, then no.

If you have containers that contain data, then yes.

thanks for your help