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Docker with Raspberry Pi2


(Bashar00) #1

I have raspberry pi2 and I run on it Ubuntu snappy and from that I have installed Docker to deal with images and containers, but after I download the images to the Pi I can see them, but the problem when I try to run it I always get the error:

FATA[0000] Error response from daemon: Cannot start container d2ddd1605bc1a8e882698e8da01dee909fcb38d2985c8627ed1c0c91beef1fec: [8] System error: open /run/lxcfs/controllers/devices/system.slice/docker-d2ddd1605bc1a8e882698e8da01dee909fcb38d2985c8627ed1c0c91beef1fec.scope/cgroup.procs: permission denied

Could anyone advice me in what’s the problem I have ?? and thank in advance