Run docker daemon on Raspberry Pi with read-only sd

Hi all,

for my project, I’d like to use docker container to deploy my application. I have successfully installed docker, built and run a container on a Raspberry Pi W Zero powered by Stretch Os. Once created the docker container was pushed on my DockerHub repository.
Unfortunately, this Raspberry Pi can be only used to test the functionality and developed application. In the “final” system, this Raspberry device will be replaced by another one that must have the MicroSD in read-only format.

Once I try to pass to the Raspberry with read-only filesystem I achieve an error. It seems that the docker daemon is not started during the boot procedure.
Running service docker status returns status failed.

If modify the fs permission and restart the service with service docker restart the docker daemon is executed correctly. If I understood correctly, the problem is related to the fs permission that denied to the systemd the possibility to start correctly the dockerd

So my queastion is:

How can I modify the systemd or the docker configuration in order to be able to start the docker daemon during the boot procedure?


I’m having a very similar problem. (See this post for more details.)

Did you already find a solution?