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Docker with sonarr/radarr


Very new to this but interesting system.

I’ve been running an ASUSTOR nas for a few years, and recently started playing with docker to run software more efficiently.

I’ve managed to get it all installed, and port forwarded correctly, but the issues I have with these, is when I am trying to map the directories I use on the nas, they dont exist in sonarr or radarr lists.

For example, my download directory is (using SSH) :


The share folder is an internally mapped redirect for /volume1/

However, neither of these directories are showing on either sonarr or radarr. Its almost as if they are running on a virtual linux box?

can anyone help?

Thank you.

The server is an ASUSTOR AS3102T running Intel® Celeron CPU @ 1.60GHz and 2GB ram.