DockerDesktop doesnt show containers (DockerDesktop 4.28.0)

Good morning. I use Dockers to have local Windows-like dockers for Microsoft Business Central environments. Since the last docker update (4.28.0) I have noticed that when installing dockers, when I restart docker desktop, initially the dockers created on the system appear but after a few seconds, it presents an error: “An error occurred while loading the containers list. Retry.” When you press Retry, the containers screen in the DockerDesktop is blank. Below I can see Engine running and I can go into docker environments, but I can’t see them in docker desktop. When I installed, I unchecked the wsl box and left only hyper-v. I’ve checked that I have it active. My user is a system administrator. I would appreciate some recommendations to correct the problem. Thank you.

Check the docker log file for any error message or warning that provide the information what causing problem. Also clear your docker cache and cookies can sometime solve the problem.

Thanks for responding. I’ve cleared the cache and the problem continues. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Docker Desktop, recreated the docker. The problem persists. I downloaded the docker log and I see some errors: “Server instance: BC Tenant: Environment Name: Environment Type: The runtime package ID ‘00000000-0000-0000-00000-0000000000000’ with package ID ‘fb570c35-9347-4691-ba13-e7d7ddb836e7’ for the tenant ‘default’ does not correspond to an installed app”