DockerDesktopVM's network adapter

Hi experts,
Afraid I’ve exhausted all my options and can’t help but to seek help in this forum.

Just upgraded to Docker Desktop for Windows v2.2.0 and found no DockerNAT amont NICs.
I saw a reply that DockerNAT is removed now thanks to better file sharing. So far, so good.

What I don’t understand is DockerDesktopVM has no network adapter(vSwitch) attached.

But evertying works fine with containers on a bridge network.
I’d really appreciate any clarification/advice about what’s going on under the hood.
How can VM communicate inside/outside without any Hyper-V switch ?

Thank you so much for help.

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Sorry to necropost, but did you ever get an understanding of this? I have the same understanding gap and it’s driving me bananas…

To reply to my own post here - i think i have wokred out that docker desktop now uses HVsockets to communicate between windows host and docker desktop vm / docker engine.