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Dockerfile for my project - having trouble installing CMake and building Jinja2Cpp

(Dragonosman) #1

Hi, guys.

I’ve been having trouble installing CMake and building Jinja2Cpp in my Dockerfile image lately. I made some changes to it after asking at the CMake mailing list, but now I have a Docker-specific question. So I’m asking here. Link:!As6LkLqTe7PsgYI5ROkdMGqCvG62rA (my Google API key and Currencylayer access key are in there–pay them no mind, please).

I’m using Docker Toolbox on Windows 10 Home, by the way. The project source code can be found on GitHub here: .

Additional info: I’m using Windows 10 Home Single Language, version 1803, build 17134.345. Docker version is 18.03.0-ce. Engine version 18.06.1-ce.

And this should probably be seen as a regular issue since I’m not asking for a feature to be added and it also isn’t a bug report.