Dockerizing app with Linux/Windows executable correctly, from a VM with Docker CE installed

[See the other thread I have. I want to say almost the same thing here, aside from the paragraph where I say I have Windows 10 Home where I’ve added more stuff. The stuff after the edit in the other thread isn’t included here because it’s no longer needed.]

Different stuff in here compared to the other thread: I have Windows 10 Home, so I had to install Docker Toolbox. I have the latest version and build of the OS. Please let me know how to do this on Windows Server 2016, though, apparently I can’t switch between Linux and Windows containers for Docker on Windows 10 Home edition. I’m downloading an ISO for the evaluation copy of Windows Server 2016 from Microsoft’s site, and the evaluation period is 180 days. And just in case something would happen to the Docker image after that period is up, I also want to know how to write a Dockerfile to Dockerize a Linux executable version of this app (on a Bionic Beaver VM). I’m compiling the app on the VM, though first I need to know how to build Jinja2Cpp there using CMake. I’m having problems and have asked on their GitHub page about it.