Dockerfile/java:oracle-java7 repo not found issue

I was building a java 7 docker image till yesterday successully inside aws elastic beanstalk environment. Today onwards, i am getting this error message, when i upload the archive into EBS.

caused by: Pulling repository dockerfile/java
time=“2015-05-06T08:46:09Z” level=“fatal” msg=“Error: image dockerfile/java:oracle-java7 not found”

I also some announcemnt about dockerfile based repos being migrated. Can anyone give me some pointers in this regard.

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Same here with java:oracle-java8. If you check " " you’ll find that the whole java repository seems corrupted or missing! Hopefully, somebody will solve it soon because all my current Dockerfiles are based on it…


If you were using the dockerfile repos these are/have been migrated. See:

The official java repo is: - Because of Oracle’s licensing we cannot provide the Oracle based builds.

If you need Oracle’s version you can build your own base image. Something like:



If you decide to create your own Oracle based image you’ll need to keep the image private. (You can’t share it with people who haven’t accepted Oracle’s license)