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Dockerfile/java:oracle-java7 repo not found issue

(Arun Menon) #1

I was building a java 7 docker image till yesterday successully inside aws elastic beanstalk environment. Today onwards, i am getting this error message, when i upload the archive into EBS.

caused by: Pulling repository dockerfile/java
time=“2015-05-06T08:46:09Z” level=“fatal” msg=“Error: image dockerfile/java:oracle-java7 not found”

I also some announcemnt about dockerfile based repos being migrated. Can anyone give me some pointers in this regard.

(Okgemaltoprg) #2

Same here with java:oracle-java8. If you check " " you’ll find that the whole java repository seems corrupted or missing! Hopefully, somebody will solve it soon because all my current Dockerfiles are based on it…

(Jerry Baker) #3


If you were using the dockerfile repos these are/have been migrated. See:

The official java repo is: - Because of Oracle’s licensing we cannot provide the Oracle based builds.

If you need Oracle’s version you can build your own base image. Something like:

(Jerry Baker) #4


If you decide to create your own Oracle based image you’ll need to keep the image private. (You can’t share it with people who haven’t accepted Oracle’s license)