Looking for image: java:8-jre


I am looking for a very specific docker image:


In the last clean-up of our build-server, the image got deleted and we cannot load the image through our Dockerfile anymore. We tried to use different versions:


but they did not work. Does anyone know where I can find an old version of the image I am looking for?

Thank you very much.

Have you checked the description of the OpenJDK image? There are more alternatives.




This image is officially deprecated and all users are recommended to find and use suitable replacements ASAP. Some examples of other Official Image alternatives (listed in alphabetical order with no intentional or implied preference):

See docker-library/openjdk#505 for more information.

What do you mean by “did not work”? You could not pull the image or you got some error messages when you tried to run a container from it?


On the OpenJDK Docker Hub page, you’ll find a list of recommended Docker Official Images that you should use while building Java applications. The upstream OpenJDK image no longer provides a JRE, so no official JRE images are produced. The official OpenJDK images just contain “vanilla” builds of the OpenJDK provided by Oracle or the relevant project lead.

One of the most popular official images with a build-worthy JDK is Eclipse Temurin. The Eclipse Temurin project provides code and processes that support the building of runtime binaries and associated technologies. These are high performance, enterprise-caliber, and cross-platform.

FROM eclipse-temurin:17-jdk-jammy
COPY .mvn/ .mvn
COPY mvnw pom.xml ./
RUN . /mvnw` `dependency:go-offline
COPY src . /src
CMD ["./mvnw" , "spring-boot:run"]