Dockerfile layers: container can't see directory created by base image

Expected behavior

docker container is started by azure app service (webaapp)

Actual behavior

docker container is stopped (no such file or directory /home/docker)

Additional Information

Steps to reproduce the behavior

create layer1 image

FROM ubuntu:latest

RUN cd /home/docker && mkdir file
RUN chown -R docker ~docker

COPY  scripts scripts
RUN chmod +x ./scripts/

USER docker

ENTRYPOINT ["./scripts/"]

ls -lrt /home/docker

create layer2 image base previous image

FROM layer1:latest

ENTRYPOINT ["./scripts/"]

When the app service tried to start a container using the layer2, the script raised this error: no such file or directory /home/docker.

Is there something I missed to declare or to do (copy folder from layer1 to layer2 …)?

Issue fixed. The bug was on a shell script.

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