Dockerfile permanent FROM location

Hey All,

I use a dockerfile for aws beanstalk to set new instance
with the following:

FROM million12/nginx-php:latest

The issue is that I use this dockerfile for production environment
and I don’t want to use different versions everytime because of the ‘latest’.
Is it possible to state a certain version instead of latest
and how can I know in beanstalk which version is already being used
in running environment.


For the first question:


$ docker pull million12/nginx-php
Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from million12/nginx-php
8d30e94188e7: Pull complete
cd4542e9804d: Pull complete
83c114ed5ee2: Pull complete
c928c73a5591: Pull complete
9fa853ab2e12: Pull complete
5e8422a51d14: Pull complete
9b9887e3050e: Pull complete
f729e300f91b: Pull complete
282ac65da64b: Pull complete
bee839422e30: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:83bb47d6b23ad6f3888e3f94f60d967f6827314d8b47ace29db7af1b365a3fbf
Status: Downloaded newer image for million12/nginx-php:latest

$  docker pull million12/nginx-php@sha256:83bb47d6b23ad6f3888e3f94f60d967f6827314d8b47ace29db7af1b365a3fbf
sha256:83bb47d6b23ad6f3888e3f94f60d967f6827314d8b47ace29db7af1b365a3fbf: Pulling from million12/nginx-php
Digest: sha256:83bb47d6b23ad6f3888e3f94f60d967f6827314d8b47ace29db7af1b365a3fbf
Status: Image is up to date for million12/nginx-php@sha256:83bb47d6b23ad6f3888e3f94f60d967f6827314d8b47ace29db7af1b365a3fbf