Pull multiple tags from single image


We deploy our application with docker to customers and we tag the main image with image-name:relase but also image-name:1.5.12 etc. so it has multiple tags.
We use docker compose for now with watchtower to manage the updates automatically.

When we make a new release we give it the image-name:release tag and also image-name:1.5.13 etc.
In our docker registry (Harbor) we see all the versions for all the older images that once were the release-tag.
BUT, when a customers server updates it only uses the release-tag. Is there a way to pull all the tags for that specific image?

I know about the docker pull --all-tags hub.domain.com/apps/image-name but that will pull every single tag there is which I do not want. I just want to see all the versions as a tag on all the older images when I run docker images.

Is this possible?

I don’t completely understand the usecase, but I don’t know any solution to pull every tag of a specific image automatically. You could create a script which would include the strategy and when someone tries to run:

custom-pull 1.5.13

it would run multiple pull command to pull all the tags. Or only one pull and run docker tag to add other tags as well.