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Dockerhub Registry API URL to access repository


(Inderpreet20) #1

Can someone please help me in accessing the registry API’s for dockerhub account. Key points here are:

  1. I have dockerhub account and their I have both the private and public repositories.
  2. I tried “” and this gives blank string
  3. After some research, I tried accessing the images by “” and this gives error “Required Authorization”
  4. Which version of registry API is in use now for dockerhub? I saw the documentation for v2 is also available but with v2 in above URL’s i always see the blank page.
  5. What will be the actual URL that can be used to access these registry API’s.

Here in above points, I have only mentioned about my public repository. My account is also part of one organization where we have the private repository. So do accessing these repositories requires some different approach?