Dockerize a windev application

Hello everyone,

I need to dockerize a windev application which contains (. exe, .ini and. DLL) files, then deploy it over the local network, I searched a lot on the internet but I found anything someone can help me please and explain me what should I do and where should I start because I am really lost.

The length of your question and the lack of any details makes me think you expect a full tutorial about Windows containers and possibly containers in general. I’m pretty sure nobody will write that here.

If you have a more specific question, please, share the details or confirm that you would like to get some links to containerization tutorials. Thank you…

thank you for your answer, what I need is to create a container from an existed application which is already developed with Windev, here is the application

I don’t know WinDEV, but if that application can be copied to another machine without writing system folders or registry, you can copy the app into the image. Note that Windows containers don’t support desktop applications (GUI) so it would probably not work as I see the first file is called GUI_Popup.ini.

Ok thank you for all.