Dockers not reachable after upgraded from 20.04 to 22.04.1

I just upgraded my Ubuntu Server from 20.04.4 to 22.04.1. Everything seemed to be ok during the process, I have also update the third part source list to jammy (including docker) and used apt upgrade to bring it to the right version.

After all of it, all dockers in bridge mode are not reachable. I can see that all interfaces/networks are up and running. I tried to use update-alternatives --config iptables but it didn’t resolve the issue. I stopped the UFW to make sure it was not causing the issue.

The problem still happens. Any help is appreciated.

Did you checked the containers after the Ubuntu upgrade before upgrading Docker?

I would try to remove every Docker network and recreate them again.

By the way I doubt that you installed multiple Docker daemons on your machine and Dockers is an other brand, so let’s talk about containers in the future to avoid misunderstaning :slight_smile:

I have figured it out.
I had to uninstall netscript 2.4
“sudo apt remove netscript-2.4”
Once it was done and I rebooted the machine everything was fine.