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Does Docker cache files by default in any way?


(Ryanfitzgerald) #1

I’m having an issue where my local (host machine) changes are being reflected in the container code when inspected, but the app itself doesn’t change as if it is being cached. Is there any default caching mechanisms that could be at play here? I haven’t been able to find a ton of information regarding that. If it helps, I’m using docker-compose with Docker for Windows.

(David Maze) #2

You’re re-running docker build to build a new image with your updated code? And then recreating the container against the new image?

One thing you might run into here is that simply docker restart will stop and start the existing container against its existing backing image, so if you’ve built a newer image, that alone won’t do it; you need to docker stop, docker rm, docker start to move the container on to the newer image. I’ve had similar trouble with at least some older versions of Docker Compose but it might have been fixed more recently.