Downgrade Docker (Windows) version from 17.03 to 1.13

Is it possible to downgrade my current Docker For Windows Version 17.03.1-ce-rc1-win3 to 1.13 ? if so how do I downgrade without losing any of my images. Iam running on Windows 10 Build 14393.953 (Anniversary edition).

Reason for wanting to do this is that openshift install does not work for the new Docker Version.

Greatly appreciate any help.

Sorry, no - we don’t make older versions of Docker for Windows available. 1.13 is no longer patched or updated, so you should upgrade to the latest version.

@friism I happen to have a copy of the 1.13 msi. My main worry is if the un-install will delete my images or render them un-usable. Appreciate the help. Thanks.

I’m afraid images are removed when you uninstall Docker for Windows.

Thanks for the super quick response. So no image backup restore mechanism available in Docker ? what happens if I backup the directory where the images reside and restore them after the re-install ?

You can use docker save -o backup.tar <images> to save images.

Hi… I am trying to deploy OpenShift Origin on my Windows machine, which requires docker and kubernetes to create and manage containers. Currently, it is not supporting docker 17.03 version to create containers, which is resulting in the failure of Openshift deployment.

@friism As per you comment above, it is not possible to downgrade docker version. So, should we wait for OpenShift to update their support to 17.03 version of docker? Or is there any workaround?

You can export images to zip file and can store it anywhere.

As for lowering the version it might be a tough ask. You can look in GitHub to see if there are older packages.

On the other hand it appears as a reasonable thought that we should have various versions of docker engine available.

Even with v1.10.0 version of docker tool box from github I am unable to get 1.10 version of docker. The docker tool box of v1.10.0 is downloading boot2docker iso file of 17.04 version.

This is what I get when i downloaded with v1.10.0 version of docker toolbox:

Running pre-create checks…
(default) Default Boot2Docker ISO is out-of-date, downloading the latest release…
(default) Latest release for is v17.04.0-ce
(default) Downloading C:\Users\CGDELL73.docker\machine\cache\boot2docker.iso from
(default) 0%…10%…20%…30%…40%…50%…60%…70%…80%…90%…100%
Creating machine…
(default) Default Boot2Docker ISO is out-of-date, downloading the latest release…
(default) Latest release for is v17.04.0-ce