Is there a way to downgrade Docker from 4.27.1 to the previous version?

After updating to 4.27.1 Docker gives errors about connectivity

Cannot connect to the docker socket. Cannot proceed.

is there a way to downgrade it back?

Go to the download page

And click “Release notes” for older releases.


I remember that I have been under a similar case but with Docker desktop some months ago.

My answer is more related with the Docker desktop instead the Docker cli.


I upgrade my Docker desktop from v24.0.5 (I do not remember the exact version where I upgraded to), after open the app again with the new version, I have problems wiith the socket, as you mention before.


After look arond Docker forums and GitHub issues with no clear information I have to uninstall the Docker desktop and install the previous version that I have at that point in time.

I am still have that version and I resist the upgrade again, maybe in some weeks after a new minor or patch is released.

See: Overview of Docker Desktop | Docker Docs.