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Download inflation on multi-arch pushes

Hi there!

A noticed a strange and some what annoying behavior with Docker hub while working on updating my CI jobs to push images as multi-arch images with docker buildx build command. I will explain this case with one of my images as an example (an alpine image).

My image have a 3 tags for each specific image (latest, 3.10, 3.10.2) and are currently built for the following architectures: x86_64 armv7 aarch64 ppc64le s390x x86. Whenever I build and push (which could happen multiple times a day) the registry adds ~100 or so pulls to the download counter.
Now, I wont lie, it does feel nice to see that my image have a lot of pulls, but I cant imagine that 100 pulls was done in the time I pushed a new image!

Anyone else experienced this issue? Is it on my end, that is; am I pushing in a bad way? Is this a know bug?

I just uploaded a new multi-arch image and it had 400+ downloads right away…