Download Metrics for Official Docker Hub Open Source Images


I work as a developer advocate for the Open Source Robotics Foundation on the Robot Operating System (ROS) open source project. Every year we put together a metrics report about the health of the project. This year we would really like to include the statistics about pulls of the official ROS Docker images off of Docker Hub. I want some fairly basic data like the number of pulls by month based on tag. To be quite frank, I think Docker Hub pulls are now making up a substantial portion of the project’s downloads, and I would like to report that, but at a finer level of detail than a screen cap of the official Docker Hub page (i.e. pulls by ROS version).

I know the DockerHub API now supports querying this data, and I have done so for our open source project Docker Hub account (/u/osrf). However, this data doesn’t really tell the full story, as the number of pulls from our open source project account are a couple orders of magnitude lower than the official Docker Hub downloads (~100k vs ~10M+). Just to make this crystal clear, we have the project-level data, but we really want to see the official pull data, because that’s what most people are using. I would love to know if there is a way for us to obtain the insights and analytics data for the official Docker Hub images of the project.

Is this data available to open source projects? If yes, can we self serve that resource, or do we need to request this data from Docker Hub directly? This seems like this data would be really useful for all the open source projects on Docker Hub.



I’m not sure how many community members know the answer. I only know I don’t, but if you don’t have access to that statistics, probably nobody has. Have you tried to contact Docker support?

Or maybe asking your question in the hub feedback repo?

I didn’t include this link in the original post because I don’t have sufficient karma, but I did find this thread on Github. I reached out to the person listed, but there was no response.

Just to be clear, there is a difference between our our, “official open source account” and the “official Docker images.” Like I said, we can get access to our account level metrics, but I believe the Docker Hub Librarians have admin access to the “official Docker Images.” We suspect, but don’t know for a fact, that the Librarians probably have access to this data. I think this is simply a matter of getting ahold of the right Docker Hub Librarian.

Thank you for the link to the issue. It seems you find the right place. I understood the difference between the open source account and the official docker images. Unfortonately, we can’t help here directly as we don’t have access to those images, but I can try to reach someone. Let’s see if I can.

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Did you get any response since my last comment? I couldn’t reach anyone yet so they must be very busy.

No I haven’t had a chance yet, but I’ll give it a shot today.

@rimelek any way you could bump this now that the holidays are over?

Of course, I try again.

Hey @kscottzros, can you shoot me an email at I can connect you to the person in charge.

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