DPDK inside container?

Can we run Intel DPDK inside a Docker container ? Anybody used it ?

I would ask this question in the docker-users mailing list - we’re still building out the forum, so you may get more people reading your question there (apologies if you already have, i’m still in catchup mode)

I would expect that it is possible to use Intel DPDK from inside a container, but I have no experiences to offer yet :smile:

can you pls point me to the user mailing list ?

It does not matter. At 6WIND, I do use it a lot without containers, but netns. 100s to 1000s of netns with our 6WINDGate fast path stack on top of DPDK. No issue.

for cross referencing, this is also at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/docker-user/_ryRQheT_dc

Yes. It’s possible.

I was just made aware of the following yesterday: http://dpdk.org/ml/archives/dev/2014-October/006373.html

I have a feeling there’s a lot of promise here, but there will be a lot of work to make docker integrate with something like DPDK natively and seamlessly. Namely, we need to do for network what we did for storage backends: split them out and allow the daemon to choose / fallback to sane defaults (like the pervasive iptables) by default.

That’s actually really encouraging to hear as well. I’d love to hear more about it if you ever have a few minutes.

There has been some interest in doing this lately, as DPDK applications in containers could be very useful in the NFV world. Redhat has done it and I’ve written a tutorial on the subject including how to package DPDK-accelerated Open vSwitch inside a container.