SystemD services inside docker containers?


I have been running SystemD inside my centos and redhad ubi containers for awhile with no issues. However i have a few questions that are bugging me:

1). Some of the services are loaded but inactive, I am assuming that it is because they aren’t currently needed inside the container (like udisk2, display manager)?

2). Oddly enough, when I am chrooting to something while inside a container, it starts rtkit-daemon (used by pipe wire and/or PulseAudio) and it degrades due to not being able to set loopback device and not being able to use cap_add_cpu(). My thoughts are that it’s a permission issue. Is there a way to run rtkit-daemon inside the container? Will this not effect me at all? I just use the docker container to run commercial cfd programs, so far its been faster than native centos because of my host newer kernel versions.