DSM Synology HDD activity - maybe healthcheck?

Hello there and sorry for my problem.
So i installed docker on a ds920+ from synology. I installed then a few images like unifi controller and plex. After i finished all my setups i noticed, that my ds920 always writes something on the hdd. Even if i switch off all my containers my ds is still having hdd activity. When i stop the docker service on the ds then my hdd stop finally with the activity. So as i stumbled across the internet on a thing called “healtcheck” for docker. It seems that docker checks every few seconds if everyhting is allright and writes down the logs. Is there a way to controll this healthcheck? I searched in the settings of docker but there was no option for that. I am not that familiar with the console so i tried to find some switches on the gui :wink:
I hope i will not get banned directly for asking that nooblike question. I am also not sure if i am here in the right spot for that problem. I hope so. Maybe there are others with a familiar problem and can give me a hint to get rid of that hdd activity. I want to save some energy and do something good for our planet :wink:

Thanks in advance