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Duplicate mount point


I’m trying to play with the docker API
The workflow of my application is the following :

  • A user register

  • text files are copied on my disk to /tmp/userdir-random-uuid
    Then the user launch a function that calls the docker api :

  • It create a network ( ok )

  • it create a container with binding /tmp/user-dir-random-uuid to /tmp in the container ( ok )

  • it launch the container

  • it does specific things that are not the purpose of this topic :slight_smile:

Then if an other user runs the same workflow ( with a different userdir-random-uuid ) I have an error from the Docker Api : " Duplicate Mount Point" I don’t really understand this error. Each containers that I create have a unique Name, so in my mind it’s just like if I was running this :

  • docker run --name one -v /tmp/dir1:/tmp imagename
  • docker run --name two -v /tmp/dir2:/tmp imagename

What am I missing ?

Thanks for help :slight_smile: