Why docker is creating mount point that I am already mounted

We have mounted CIFS share used in compose file, running dockers for specific tasks but very frequently getting below error ,docker trying to mount that we already mounted , some time it works but sometimes it throws below error, mount directory /cifsdir1 exists and it has full permission, any help please?

Executing: [‘docker’, ‘run’, ‘-t’, ‘–gpus’, ‘all’, ‘–shm-size=2g’, ‘-v’, ‘/mnt:/mnt’, ‘-v’, ‘/cifsdir1:/algo_sandbox’, 2024-05-23 05:59:17 docker: Error response from daemon: error while creating mount source path ‘/cifsdir1’: mkdir /cifsdir1: file exists. 2024-05-23 05:59:17 Process failed, exit code 125

Tried with docker restart did not work