Dvblogic tvmosaic on synology DSM7.2

Hello Dears,

i dont know how config the docker correctly to run on synology dsm7.2

i have always a docker container for filezilla this docker runs perfect but i dont know what i must do to run correctly the docker for tvmosaic.
i use the image:dvblogicTtvmosaic:latest from here but what i must do that my pc find the server? i use the tvbutler on synology

thanks a lot

That sounds like a very specific question regarding Synology and a TV software, probably better check something like https://community.synology.com/

And I have to admit you provide very little information about your setup and the software, not even a link.

i dont know i set the right settings in docker?!?

Well, we don’t know what settings you set :sweat_smile: