Eclipse-Mosquitto is this still being dev'd?

I’ve been trying to get mosq to work on docker via synology and the image will be created, but then go no further. I would love to send logs over, but portainer is not showing any logs period. I need it to get frigate nvr running in docker. Any update or news would be appreciated. Thanks in advane.

Its pretty hard to help without any basic info, have you tried to start the container up, while not using portainer?
what image are you using? and which settings ?

I havent tried it with portainer running. When i try to run the container it gives failure to run error 500. It just shiws a status of created. Ive tried the latest and gone as far back as 1.6 and got the same result. I had tried to install it about a month ago and it would at least run, but in the logs i would get unable to acquire ip address…no matter what i tried.