Portainer 1.12 released

Hello there, we’re proud to announce the release 1.12 of Portainer, an open-source administration UI for Docker (http://portainer.io).

This release introduces:

  • Mutli-user management
  • Endpoint access management
  • User access control

And more, you can have a look at the release notes here: https://github.com/portainer/portainer/releases/tag/1.12.0

And you can also try it yourself on our public demo: http://demo.portainer.io with the credentials admin / tryportainer.

Cheers !

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Neat. But I created a named volume and it never showed up. Created a container and it never showed up. Both stated they were successfully created.

Did you do that on our public demo? I did not specify it but the demo is reset every 15min, so it might create some problems if you’re playing with it while it’s resetting.

Tried to create a volume and tried to use the driver options menu to name it and give it a path. Keeps giving invalid name. Is this functioning?

I also now see the container I created yesterday and it’s stopped and I tried to start it but it says it does but it’s not.

Is this on the public demo or your own instance?

Driver options are working, you need to use the options exposed by the driver you want to use though, so you need to refer to the driver’s documentation.

When starting a container, Portainer will be able to start it, but depending on the command/process executed in the container, this one may stop immediately after.

Demo site, sir.


Ah yes, due to the popularity our demo is having a few issues… I’m working on that. In the meantime, I recommend you to setup Portainer somewhere to try it entirely :slight_smile: