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ECS plugin not available in Docker Desktop edge

Hi, I was going to try out the docker ecs tooling that was discussed in this blogpost, but cannot seem to make it work.

I have the latest version of Docker Desktop (installed docker-edge with brew), and have enabled both experimental features, cloud experience, and restarted it. According to the docs that’s all that is needed on MacOS. Still I’m getting docker: 'ecs' is not a docker command.

Any idea what might be the issue? Or I’m missing anything needed to enable this ECS plugin?

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Got updated to (48583)/edge, and the ecs command still not need to be available. Any suggestions?

I’ve seen this newer docs entry regarding ECS integration. It seems like the previous ecs-plugin is now archived, the new setup moves all that functionality inside the docker compose functionality, using compose-cli. Following that new docs it works in Docker Desktop. Nonetheless have to watch out for the lot of the links and blogposts are confusingly using the obsolete, archived way of doing things (that never showed up in my install of Docker Desktop anyways).

So this should be solved now, just have to use the new tooling.