Encounter docker pull limit with Pro account

We are pulling images in our CI jobs and encounter docker pull limit. We have paid Pro account, so according to our plan we should see this message:

Docker Pro
Unlimited public and private repositories

I checked all gitlab runners, all have right credentials.

I also tested to check current rate limit from documentation here but in response there are no ratelimit rows. According the documentation the reason could be we have paid Docker Pro:

This could be because you are authenticated with a user associated with a Pro/Team Docker Hub account

So, this is all nice, but in the end, We are not able to pull images and also paying for no limits. Could anybody help me to find out, why we encounter rate-limit with pro account and how to check our current rate limit?

Thanks for all the help.

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Did you ever get this resolved? I am going crazy trying to figure this out. I can’t pull images, but i certainly have the receipt for my docker pro purchase…Let me know if you found anything. Thanks!

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We have this problem too, following the instructions here we can get pull rate for anonymous user but when I run it for our Docker Pro account those fields are missing:

➜ curl --head -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" https://registry-1.docker.io/v2/ratelimitpreview/test/manifests/latest 2>&1
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
content-length: 2782
content-type: application/vnd.docker.distribution.manifest.v1+prettyjws
docker-ratelimit-source: 525b0207-910f-4877-b152-1cce40a6f5d6

We also encounter this issue, our Docker pro can not see the Ratelimt-related headers in authenticated requests.

Does anyone solve this issue or know why Docker pro can not monitor our quota?

Are you also unable to pull images while you are logged in with your Pro account?
If you can pull images, the answer is in the first post:

If you can’t pull images, is it possible that you check the limits in a different machine whe you are in fact logged in, but where docker tries to pull images on the server side, it is not logged in?