End of life dates and Long Term Support releases for Docker Community Edition

Can anyone provide “End of Life” dates for current versions of Docker CE. I am specifically interested in 20.10 but later releases would be good to know.
Also does Docker release a Long Term Support releases for Docker Community Edition.

A link with this official info would be great, I have not been sucessful finding this info on docker.com

There is no official list I know of. It would be eally useful, I agree. There is this release cycle documentation:

And a non-official list which is not complete: Docker Engine | endoflife.date

You have probably found that already.

There is no LTS version either, except that Docker 20.10 has been supported for more than any other version so I’m also curious, how long current versions will be supported.

thanks for response.
re EOL, from a GitHub issue I see that Docker Engine tracks the parent companies “Mirantis Container Runtime” listed here: https://docs.mirantis.com/mcr/23.0/compat-matrix/maintenance-lifecycle.html#maintenance-lifecycle

so 20.10 have an EOL of 20231210

Mirantis is not a parent company of Docker Inc, but the date you found is the same as the one on the endoflite.date site.