Enter the passphrase to unlock the OpenPGP secret key

every time i open the linux desktop version i get this message and the desktop appliaction didn’t open the settings !

Please, don’t choose topic names like “How can I solve this problem”. It says nothing about your issue and since you shared a picture instead of the message as text, it is impossible to search for the error message.

I changed the topic title and moved the topic to “Docker Desktop for Linux” as the Community category is for asking about the commmuny…

The shared window says you need to use a passphrase to unlock the GPG secret key which contains your password. I haven’t used Docker Desktop for Linux for a while but it used GPG as credential store. Since the this passphrase is asked when you open Docker Desktop it could be for something else, but it recognizes your email address you have a GPG key and you must have set a passphrase for that key.

If you share which Linux distribution you are using and how you installed Docker Desktop (please, share a link if it is possible) someone might be able to give you a better answer. Now that they can find the topic by reading the title or searching for similar issues :slight_smile:

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I am sorry i was just in hurry in writing I am using ubuntu 22.4 lts and installed it by following this link https://www.linuxtechi.com/how-to-install-docker-desktop-on-ubuntu/

Then first you should follow the official documentation to uninstall everything and install only Docker Desktop’s latest release.

The article you followed made you install Docker CE and Docker Desktop. It also shows you an older Docker Desktop installation. You don’t need Docker CE (except the client which is installed by the Desktop) when you just want to run Docker Desktop and I don’t recommend installing both unless you know exactly what it means and you can handle it. Docker Desktop will run a virtual machine which will contain Docker CE. No need to install it on your host and it confuses most of the users I believe when they have two Docker variants on the same machine. For example you will have only one docker client config but Docker Desktop will use a different credential store, a more secure one which you could also use with Docker CE so I don’t think that this is what caused your passphrase prompt, but it is better to use only one Docker.

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I have both of these problems as well. I installed only Docker Desktop using the instructions on the Docker website, and I’m running Ubuntu 20.04. I haven’t been able to start Docker, and I can’t tell if it has anything to do with the GPG pop-up window.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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Yes, I am facing the same issue, forgot the passphrase now every time I try to run docker it asks for the passphrase to unlock the OpenPGP secret key. Can’t see a way to reset it.

I am facing the same problem, I have tried uninstalling docker completely using this method link and reinstalling it again using the official documentation but the problem still persists. Docker-desktop works when I use it with sudo or when I simply ignore the prompt by pressing the esc key. Lemme know if I should share any logs to get this fixed.

follow this: Sign in to Docker Desktop | Docker Docs.
Here, you will 1. generate key, 2. create a passphrase for that key 3. initialize pass with the generated key.
Now when you will get the message to enter passphrase to unlock the newly generated key, enter the passphrase.