How do I tell Docker Desktop to use a new GPG key?

How do I tell Docker Desktop to use the new key I generated instead of the old key?

Or better yet, how do tell it not use any key at all? ( I don’t need security for this project, it’s never leaving loclahost and won’t have anything confidential)

I locked myself out of my own Docker Desktop. I hadn’t used it in about 9 months and forgot the password to my gpg key and lost the paper copy when I moved. It wasn’t securing anything important so I’m not locked out of any data. BUT Docker Desktop keeps asking me for that password and won’t let me start anything new.

caveat: sometimes it works if I just click ‘cancel’. But most of the time it does not. It doesn’t fail or work consistently. But it fails more than it works.

I’m running Kubunut 22.04. I can see the key using KGPG, Kleopatra, etc. But I don’t have the password. So I can’t do anything useful with it.

I don’t need any data that is secured by this key.

If I delete the key, Docker Desktop won’t even open. (tried it on a clone)

I generated a new key and set it to system default. But Docker Desktop didn’t get the memo.