Error After Installing Docker Desktop (VMware Win 10)


I am new to Docker and want to try with .Net Core platform. So I downloaded and installed it to my virtual windows environment. (VMWare, Win 10 Pro). Install is successful. After starting application, I get error such as below screenshot. I restarted, reinstalled DD but again the same issue. Anyone who experience the same issue or could help? And how can I see the detailed error for DD? Thx.

Searching this forum and the internet will show you many (outdated?) resources that claim it should or should not work. But Docker’s documentation says:

Can I run Docker Desktop on Virtualized hardware?

No, currently this is unsupported and against the terms of use.

That said, Docker documentation also provides Running Docker Desktop in nested virtualization scenarios. If you need more help then please provide more details about these requirements.


Thanks for your reply, After reading the document It is clear that nested virtualization is not officially supported. I will have to try it with native OS. Have a good day.