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Problem installing Docker Desktop on Windows 10 Pro (17134)

I am trying to install Docker Desktop however the executables spawns an increasing number of processes (I shut down the laptop after more than 600 processes where spawned, almost filling 16GB of RAM) and never starts the installation process.
How can I solve this problem?
Thank you in advance for your help!

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Please post the error message so that someone can help you by looking it the error if any.

There is no error message, just processess that spawn sequentially and incresing.

I just installed Docker Desktop. I have windows 10 pro. The application is failing to launch. I have virtualization enabled.
It is also the only vm I have in my hyper-v manager.

Does anyone have any ideas/solutions? I tried giving docker more memory but that didn’t fix it. Cheers.

Did you find any solution to this, I have the same issue with Windows build 17134