Error creating Dockers


I am a newbie and am trying to create Docker on a Ubuntu box using the following chatGPT help page:

I get the following error:
ERROR: failed to solve: failed to read dockerfile: open /var/snap/docker/common/var-lib-docker/tmp/buildkit-mount1788834879/Dockerfile: no such file or directory

Any ideas?


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I hope not, because that’s a garment company, but you could try to build Docker images or run Docker containers.

Have you tried what ChatGPT suggested?

Please show exactly what commands you ran and what files you created with what content. When you do that, follow this guide:

But instead of asking chatgpt I recommend links to the documentation and tutorials, including mine where you can learn about Docker images and containers in practice too:

Recommended links to learn the basics and concepts:

The last link is (currently) about Docker Desktop which is Docker CE in a virtual machine whith a GUI.

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double check the file path you provide to docker. And also check the you have permission to access the dockerfile.


Please see the error in the attachment:

Uninstall the Docker you installed as a Snap package and follow the official instructions:

I know Ubuntu servers recommend installing Docker from their repositories, but that is just so bad recommendation.

I should have noticed snap in the file path in your first message.

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