Error mounting '/dev/mapper/docker-252:1-6602807

How do you recover from an error like this?
2014/12/26 19:51:34 Error pulling image (oracle-java7) from dockerfile/java, Error mounting ‘/dev/mapper/docker-252:1-6602807-eba5184199800fb03fa4ab8a4e2f1ce3e0ed265891165a258b9eb77425f228ce’ on ‘/var/lib/docker/devicemapper/mnt/eba5184199800fb03fa4ab8a4e2f1ce3e0ed265891165a258b9eb77425f228ce’: device or resource busy

Running CentOS 6.6 with all updates.

The only way to recover from this error is to reboot. I was unable to shutdown docked nor did the output of
lsof or fuser help.

The error occurs when you press ctrl-c during a docker build. This happened already multiple times.

Why is it so hard to make Docker stable against such trivial issues?

its hard for any application to deal with underlying Kernel complexities - and from what I’ve seen, devicemapper problems are far from trivial.

perhaps you’ll be able to fix them …

This is exactly one reasons why Docker is broken. How can one build on such a fragile technology?