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Error mounting '/dev/mapper/docker-252:1-6602807

(Andreas Jung) #1

How do you recover from an error like this?
2014/12/26 19:51:34 Error pulling image (oracle-java7) from dockerfile/java, Error mounting ‘/dev/mapper/docker-252:1-6602807-eba5184199800fb03fa4ab8a4e2f1ce3e0ed265891165a258b9eb77425f228ce’ on ‘/var/lib/docker/devicemapper/mnt/eba5184199800fb03fa4ab8a4e2f1ce3e0ed265891165a258b9eb77425f228ce’: device or resource busy

Running CentOS 6.6 with all updates.

The only way to recover from this error is to reboot. I was unable to shutdown docked nor did the output of
lsof or fuser help.

The error occurs when you press ctrl-c during a docker build. This happened already multiple times.

Why is it so hard to make Docker stable against such trivial issues?

How to recover from " Driver devicemapper failed to create image rootfs"?
(Sven Dowideit) #2

its hard for any application to deal with underlying Kernel complexities - and from what I’ve seen, devicemapper problems are far from trivial.

perhaps you’ll be able to fix them …

(Andreas Jung) #3

This is exactly one reasons why Docker is broken. How can one build on such a fragile technology?