Error on building image suddenly

I have been using docker to build images for this project for more than a year. But suddenly today while trying to build the image i am getting an error ERROR: unsupported otlp protocol http_protobuf. I am not even using oltp in the current project. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

Docker version 23.0.1, build a5ee5b1

You shared exactly three details with us:

  • you are using Docker 23.0.1 (the category says Docker Desktop for Linux, so the version should be different)
  • You have an error during image build
  • Your project does not directly use otlp

Without sharing the output of docker info, the content of the Dockerfile and the build logs, the only thing you did is to inform us. If this is not your only intent, then please share details that actually help us to fully understand and reproduce your situation.