Error on Docker-compose - please help

hello to all
i’m having some issue when i try to reload my docker-compose.yml
the error is :

ERROR: for XX Cannot start service XX: OCI runtime create failed: container_linux.go:348: starting container process caused “exec: “/tmp/XX/bin/”: stat /tmp/XX/bin/ no such file or directory”: unknown
ERROR: Encountered errors while bringing up the project.
the thing is, when i #(remark) my volume parameters in my “docker-compose.yml” it’s working - All i need is to share conf.files outside/inside with the docker containers (any suggesting? …) - this container is recreate everyday via Jenkins so when the build is finish all the configuration inside the container is clean so i need to find the best way to keep this configuration after or before the container is create otherwise all my configuration inside the container are gone !!!

please help on it


Have an SampleWebApp installed On IIS in Docker container(port 80).

The SampleWebApp has two sub application SubApp1 and SubApp2.

Application SubApp1 and SubApp2 are loaded into the iframe of SampleAppWeb.

I am able to launch SampleWebApp from oustide the container But SubApp1 and SubApp2 are not loaded into the iframe of SampleAppWeb and it gives 500 (Internal Server Error).

SubApp1 and SubApp2 are working fine on localhost and they are able to launch.

Please can someone provide a solution for this.Appreciate your reply
with regards
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