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Error response from daemon: Get


(Montaro) #41

Great answer, worked for me!

(Basithsyed) #42

I am having same issue too. Any assistance would be highly appreciated.

(Krikri90) #43

I have changed DNS to and also changed to company proxy,. Still I am getting same error.

(Gongkunjxl) #44

You are right. Use you username not email, eg: use jack

(Sanutopia) #45

Hello Friends,

I have windows 7 Ent and there I have installed docker. But when I am running docker command “docker run hello-world” it is giving the same error.
“Error response from daemon: Get net/http: request canceled”

I have tried almost all options mentioned in this chain of discussion. But none of them has resolved the problem.
Also, when I am executing “docker-machine” it is giving error : “sh: docker-machine: not found”.
Please suggest how to resolve this and docker run an image successfully.

Thanking you

(Jofumera) #46

i can’t type-in my password at the console, thy is that?


(George Johnson) #47

A word of warning, be very, very careful of copying and pasting. I just spent 2 hours trying to solve this problem with a proxy server only to realise I had a single quote on one end of the proxy string and a double quote at the other end! ( Doofus! )

This command showed me the proxy setting was coming up, so I scanned every character in my http-proxy.conf file until I found the problem.

systemctl show --property=Environment docker

(Aiapps) #48

Thanks dude, it works for me in a Windows 10 Home edition. Very helpful :slight_smile:

(Nooshnabi) #49

Thanks for the info. It worked for me!

(Amitgupta3) #50

This works. I spent lot of time in this.

(Fzoccara) #51

This steps work for me as well!

(Marneylc) #52

Unplug and plug it back in!


Worked for me as well. Thanks